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Deviating from the RBI line would be assassination of the Bank Pension Scheme. This is the ultimate aim of IBA-UFBU combine. Therefore, both IBA-UFBU are jointly intent on this.

It is the responsibility of Pensioners to stop whatever happens. The Pension Agreement 1993, Pension Regulations, 1995 are the legal instruments of the Pension Scheme. Both of these are applicable and cannot be changed contrary to the conditions specified in them. Hundreds of Activists are advised to serve a legal notice by registered post to the MD and CEOs of their respective Banks, the draft of which will be made available shortly, and as soon as the Pension Revision is done in any manner other than the RBI line, along with the agitation, court cases will also be initiated against them.

In the last three years, especially after the 11th VS concluded on 11.11.2020, major Unions have come out openly in opposition to the Pension Revision. Before this, they were active from behind the curtain. Now there will be no game of hide and seek, but open war. The patience of pensioners has run out.

On one hand, RBI Unions continuously tried and struggled for Pension Revision and finally got the Pension revised till 31.10.2017 in two phases. On the other hand, the Unions of Nationalized Banks were busy in snatching the Pension from 7th to 11th BSs. The position of the major Unions has been 'Rome was burning and Nero was playing with the flute'. Injustice continued to be inflicted on lakhs of Pensioners and the Unions maintained silence. Lakhs of people died. Lakhs of pensioners were deprived of 100% DA for over twenty years. Billions of rupees were lost! What happened to Resignees is shameful. They were classified as criminals and deprived of Pension. Ceiling on Family Pension continued for decades.

The Unions kept cheating not only the Pensioners but also the working employees/officers. In the 10th BS, Pensioners were cheated by making Special Allowance by deducting the Basic Pay. By placing the demand of merging the Special Allowance with the Basic Pay in the 11th BS and then doubling the Special Allowance by reneging on the demand, the Pensioners were once again deceived. In the 12th BS,  it is fixed to increase the Special Allowance to 33/34% of the Basic Pay, but the working Bankmen are silent.

IBA-UFBU continues to stick to the anti-Pension Revision theme. The noise of Paisa Paisa has definitely stopped, but the noise of "improvement" on the same theme is in full swing. From the Pension Agreement, 1993 to the Regulations, 1995, the word "improvement" is not used even once. Its objective is a big conspiracy to overturn the Pension Scheme which is directly on the RBI line, in which IBA-Unions are equal partner

As the pressure for Pension Updation is increasing, IBA-UFBU are somehow trying to stop Pension Revision on RBI lines. Instead of Pension "revision", which is the right of Bank Pensioners, big Unions are promoting Pension "improvement", just like they were once pushing back Pension revision by running a campaign of money and money.

Respectful Regard
(J. N. Shukla)
National Convener
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